Trial test

If you want to get Alice Onboarding up and running without having to configure your server this is your place. We will provide you the necessary tools to deploy and test Alice Onboarding without the need for integration in your backend.

To do this, the Alice Onboarding Sandbox will be in charge of the authentication management and backend operations of Alice Onboarding. It also serves as an example of a simple backend and a starting point for you to integrate and deploy Alice Onboarding.

The sandbox is a service intended to substitute your backend when creating users and obtaining their USER_TOKENs . Consequently, you can inject the token into the client-side SDK and forget about integrating anything in your backend.

The TRIAL_TOKEN is a temporary token for testing the technology in a development/testing environment.

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To obtain the TRIAL_TOKEN please check your credentials or contact

Authentication flow

The following diagram explains Sandbox’s authentication flow.

Alice Onboarding Client Authentication Process
  1. The in-app Sandbox manager is fed by the TRIAL_TOKEN provided within your credentials.

  2. The in-app Sandbox manager authenticates against the Alice Onboarding Sandbox service.

  3. The Alice Onboarding Sandbox service associates an email with a user_id, creates a user, and returns its USER_TOKEN.

  4. The in-app Sandbox manager receives the USER_TOKEN. Now the Alice Onboarding Client SDK is ready to operate against the Alice Onboarding API.

  5. The client SDK uses the USER_TOKEN to upload selfies, documents, and other user operations.

In-App sandbox manager

For every client-side SDK, we provide you an in-app sandbox manager so you can easily get the USER_TOKEN from the Sandbox. Please check the following table and code snippets.



Use the TrialAuthenticator class


Use the TrialAuthenticator class

React Native

Add our React Native component to your application


Use the TrialAuthenticator class

let trialToken = "<ADD-YOUR-TRIAL-TOKEN-HERE>"
let userInfo = UserInfo(email: email, // required
                        firstName: firstName, // optional
                        lastName: lastName)  // optional

let authenticator = TrialAuthenticator(trialToken: trialToken, userInfo: userInfo)

authenticator.execute { result in
    switch result {
    case .success(let userToken):
       // Configure Alice Onboarding with the OnboardingConfig
       // Then Run the Alice Onboarding Flow
    case .failure(let error):
       // Inform the user about Authentication Errors
val trialToken = "<ADD-YOUR-TRIAL-TOKEN-HERE>"
val userInfo = UserInfo(email = email, // required
                        firstName = firstName, // optional
                        lastName = lastName)  // optional

val authenticator = TrialAuthenticator(trialToken = trialToken, userInfo = userInfo)

authenticator.execute { response ->
    when (response) {
        is Response.Success -> {
          // Configure Alice Onboarding with the OnboardingConfig
          // Then Run the Alice Onboarding Flow
        is Response.Failure -> {
          // Inform the user about Authentication Errors
import { getUserTokenWithSandbox, runOnboarding } from 'aliceonboarding-reactnative';

getUserTokenWithSandbox(this.state.sandboxToken,, (userToken) => {
                const ONBOARDING_CONFIG = {
                        "stages": [
                        {"stage": "addSelfie"},
                        {"stage": "addDocument", "type": "idcard"},
    runOnboarding(userToken, ONBOARDING_CONFIG , (result) => {
        Alert.alert("Result", result)
    } , (error) => {
        Alert.alert("Error", error)
    },  (cancel) => {
        Alert.alert("Cancel", cancel)

let trialToken = "<ADD-YOUR-TRIAL-TOKEN-HERE>";
let userInfo = new aliceonboarding.UserInfo(email: email, // required
                        firstName: firstName, // optional
                        lastName: lastName);  // optional

let authenticator = new aliceonboarding.TrialAuthenticator(trialToken, userInfo);

.then( userToken => {
   // Configure Alice Onboarding with the OnboardingConfig
   // Then, Run the Alice Onboarding Flow
.catch(err => {
  // Inform the user about Authentication Errors

See also

For more details and examples about the In-App sandbox managers please check the corresponding Authentication sections of each client-side SDK.