Test Alice demo apps

Alice provides you several demo apps to evaluate and test our solution. Once our team creates your trial credentials you will be granted to download them from resources section of the Dashboard

Alice demo apps

1. Trial token configuration

To test our demo apps you will need a trial token. You can get it from the credentials section of the Dashboard .

Our demos will guide you to get the trial token if necessary.

2. Settings

You can configure the onboarding according to your needs in the “Preferences” section. You can edit your onboarding process with the following options:

2.1 Selfie

  • Selfie: The system will require the user to put his face on the mask.

  • Selfie with challenge: The system will require the user to put their face on the mask, and once this is done, the mask will move to a random position where the user must align his face.

  • Selfie with document: The system will require the user to put his face on the mask, and once this is done, he will be asked to place the document in the delimited area.

2.2 Documents

The demo allows you to require as documents as you desire using the following document types:

  • ID Card

  • Driver License

  • Residence Permit

  • Passport

  • Other Trusted Document

3. Check the onboarding

Once you have completed the onboarding you will be able to check the results in our user Dashboard Section .

3.1 Selfie checks:

  • Liveness: evaluates if the selfie uploaded is from a real person.

  • Only one face: only one face is detected on the uploaded selfie.

3.2 Document checks:

  • Face Matching : if positive, the person appearing in the uploaded selfie and in the document are the same.

  • Checked MRZ : the document’s MRZ/PDF417/QR is checked.

  • Unexpired Document : the document has not expired.

  • Coherent dates with each other: the document dates are coherent with each other (if the document has more than 1 side).

  • Front and back of the same document : there are less than 3 inconsistent fields between the document sides.

  • Matches expected document: the selected and the uploaded documents match (the user uploads the previously selected document).