Terms and definitions

We present here a brief summary of some of the terms used throughout the Alice Onboarding documentation:


The process by which a user provides the necessary evidence (selfie, documents, etc.) to verify their identity in an online registration process.


Alice Onboarding central entity. It represents a physical person who performs an onboarding process on the platform and will have its digital equivalent within Alice Onboarding.


Video in which the user shows his face. It is captured in real-time during the onboarding process using his device’s camera.


Refers to a document that the user provides during the onboarding process in order to verify their identity. It can be of different types: national identity document, driving license, resident card, passport, etc.


Collects all the information extracted for a User during the onboarding process. Reports for a user can be obtained programmatically through the Alice Onboarding API or manually through the Alice Onboarding Dashboard.


Alice Report offers you different checks to help you building your use case logic. The check value can be null (in case specific check could not be performed) or a number between 0 and 100 (values greater than or equal to 50 mean that the check has passed).