This guide helps you set up webhooks to receive updates from Alice Onboarding.

You can subscribe to events on Alice Onboarding via Webhooks. When one of those events is triggered, you will receive an HTTP POST payload in the webhook configured URL.

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Check the full webhook-related API reference here.

Webhook Configuration

In order to receive the incoming webhooks, your server must provide and endpoint supporting:

Alice Webhook Config

Payload URL

The payload URL is the URL of the server that will receive the webhook POST requests.


Setting a webhook secret allows you to ensure that POST requests sent to the payload URL are from Alice.

The secret must have Hexadecimal format and a lenght of 20 characters

You can generate a valid SECRET with the following script:

ruby -rsecurerandom -e 'puts SecureRandom.hex(20)'


We need an API Key for authenticate. The KEY will be send in the apikey Header


When configuring a webhook, you can choose which events will send you payloads. Only subscribing to the specific events you plan on handling limits the number of HTTP requests to your server. You can also subscribe to all current and future events (selecting the “all” option). By default, webhooks are only subscribed to the push event. You can update the list of subscribed events anytime.

Each event corresponds to a certain set of actions that can happen to your organization and/or repository. For example, if you subscribe to the user_created event you’ll receive detailed payloads every time a user is registered.


By default, webhooks deliveries are “Active”. You can choose to disable the delivery of webhook payloads, editing each webhook or you can disable this option when the webhook is created.