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How does Alice Onboarding work?

Alice Onboarding Simple Flow

In a typical use case, the user starts the process with the capture of his selfie video. This is used for two purposes:

  • Extraction of a facial biometric profile that will be used to check the identity against the photographs of the documents.

  • Face-PAD (Presentation Attack Detection or Liveness) analysis to detect signs of spoofing attacks through printed photographs or pictures and videos shown on screen.

Then, the user, is prompted to show the different configured identity documents in the flow, both front and back sides.

The use of the camera and the capture, both of the selfie and the documents, is managed and carried out automatically by Alice Onboarding SDK, thus avoiding errors or difficulties in the acquisition.

At the end of the process, the user is informed that the capture has been carried out correctly and the integrator immediately has the onboarding information associated with that user in its backend.