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API reference

Please follow the link below to see our API reference and more details about the individual API endpoints. If possible, we recommend using our Python SDK to interact with our API.

During development, we also suggest to use our Insomnia example to test the different API endpoints and their responses.


Check out our full API reference here.

Alice Onboarding API Swagger

Insomnia Example

Our Insomnia Workspace will help you to understand better the flow of our API.

  1. Download the Insomnia Software here
  2. Download the Workspace project (Insomnia v4 - JSON)
  3. Import the Workspace in Insomnia. Import/Export -> Import Data -> From File
  4. Activate just installed Workspace Demo Alice Onboarding
  5. Configure your API key. Manage Environments -> Base Environment -> apikey_client
  6. Check following steps to complete an Alice Onboarding using Insomnia:

Alice Onboarding API Swagger